11/01 Deployment

Douglas Richardson (Site Admin) - 2015-11-2

Since last week:

  • Finished uploading all the existing parts
  • Added old imperial uniforms
  • Fixed ordering of news articles
  • Added reports (see below)
  • Support for international characters in the title of tokens
  • HTTP urls now redirect back to HTTPs (should make it easier to browse on iphone)


  • Data pump from the old database/format into the new database/format
  • Improved mobile experience - collapsed menus and turning some buttons into icons
  • Newsletter

I have added reports for token counts, page views, and user counts (new with the new site). I'm also building up reports on the distributions of screen size, user agents, and performance of critical pages (browse and edit tokens). These reports give me a better understanding of how people are using my site and help me focus on areas that need to be improved.

For those curious, we're getting close to 2,000 tokens in the system, and one of the goals with the new site is to improve performance around browsing through that many tokens. I've got some features planned that'll make that easier.

New Beta

Douglas Richardson (Site Admin) - 2015-10-25

Welcome to the open beta for the new version of my token builder!

Before I get into what's changed, a brief reminder that if you find a bug or problem you can go to this form to give feedback.

So, what's changed and why should you be excited:

  • Parts are now stored and displayed entirely in SVG, a vector based image format. Because of this:
    • Parts now can support more channels than two
    • Tokens can be rasterized to any pixel range between 70px and 500px, and can be viewed at any resolution
    • Token part pipeline is better and higher quality
  • Tokens can now be downloaded in batches from the browse page
  • Tokens can now be printed in batches from the browse page
  • Tokens can now be downloaded/printed with an identifying character (such as 'A', 'B') in batches from the browse page
  • Tokens can now be 'forked' - base a new token off an existing one
  • Clicking parts to set colors
  • Can set multiple colours at once (Shift+Click multiple parts)
  • Can adjust hue, lightness, and saturation of multiple colours at once
  • Can use eyedropper to select other colours
  • Accounts
    • Can sign in with Google or Chrome
    • Can view private tokens that you've created alongside your public tokens
  • Tons of new parts
  • Better layout for the building experience

These are the immediate changes that you're going to see. Moving forward, I've made some platform changes and have a number of cool new features planned:

  • Opacity of parts
  • Parts that exist both above and below other parts
  • Better organization of parts
  • Repositioning parts
  • Flipping/rotating parts
  • Editing saved tokens that you created while signed in
  • More account actions
  • More communication - newsletters and e-mails

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