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Client Logging

Hey! Did you know that on the internet lots of your information is tracked? I did!

I use my own analytics engine. Here's what I log from the client on each page load:

If you don't want your information to be tracked, please click the button below. This will put a cookie on your computer with an expiry time in the far future. If you clear your browser cookies, this will be removed and you'll have to revisit here to turn logging off. If you do, it'd be awesome if you could go to the feedback page and let me know why so I can improve my logging.

Turn Logging Off Turn Logging On


You can log in with a Google or Microsoft account. I can add additional providers - I'm using OAuth, which is a widely supported authentication protocol. If you want another account provider, please leave feedback asking for it.

I don't have my own account system because I can't provide you the same level of security that Microsoft and Google can.

When you log in, I create a user profile. You are initially anonymous, but you can set your display name and e-mail on the accounts page.

Server Logging

I log every request that comes into my servers. For each, I record the time it occured, the time spent doing it, the url, and the action. This data is 100% anonymous and cannot be tied back to you in anyway. I use this information to see how my application scales and target areas for performance improvement.


This is the list of technology libraries or platforms I'm dependent on, and a link to their sites.

Node JS
Platform run my services and serve my content
Express JS
Logical organization of my services and middleware
Used to parse incoming requests
Used for server-side rendering of pages
MongoDB Native Node Driver
Used to connect to MongoDB + query the database
Used to pack many tokens
Passport JS
Used to authenticate users
Passport JS module for OAuth strategies
Used to keep track of a user's session for authentication and logging
Used for data storage
Used to rasterize the SVGs into PNGs
Used for two-way binding and application state logic
Used for querying and as a basis for both Angular and Semantic UI
Used for converting between color spaces in the editor
Semantic UI
Framework used for styles as well as client-side controls
Google Cloud Platform - Compute Engine
Host and actual server that is being run on

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